- The Studio - 20140125 - Katherine L. House

Katherine L. HouseWhich U.S. president's son peppered Andrew Jackson's portrait with spitballs? Which president's daughter splashed Easter Egg dye on White House kitchen walls? Vivid anecdotes and 21 fun yet educational activities make Iowa City author Katherine L. House's new book a great read for kids and adults. Slated for release by Chicago Review Press in February, The White House for Kids: A History of a Home, Office, and National Symbol reflects its author's enthusiasm for history. Katherine was born in Washington, D.C., and raised in Arlington, Virginia. She's written about U.S. and Iowa history for children's magazines and she's also contributed work to The New York Times, The Washtingon Post, and other publications. Katherine loves lighthouses, too. She's visited over 100 in the U.S. and Canada. Her first book was Lighthouses for Kids.