- Writer's Voice - 20140124- David Menasche

The Priority list If you've been listening to Writers' Voices for awhile, you probably know that Caroline is a retired English teacher, as is our guest today, David Menasche.  After reading his book, Caroline says she wished she had been able to read it while she was still teaching.

David taught high school English at a magnet school in the Miami area.  At the age of 34 he was diagnosed with a brain cancer and told he had a few months to live.  David continued teaching for six more years - as he explained to students who asked him why he wasn't out doing what he loved in the short time left to him; he was.  Then, in 2012, David's lost most of his vision and much of the mobility on his left side and had to quit teaching.  But he was not a man to sit around waiting to die.  Instead, he decided to couch-surf around the country, visiting friends and former students.  Within days of putting the word out on Facebook, he had invitations for over 100 places to stay.  Along the way, he recorded his conversations and emailed himself notes about his journey, which he turned into a book after returning home.  

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