- Great Taste - 20131211- Emily Shaw and Corey Morrow

Tea LeavesOne of our greatest pleasures in life is starting off several days each week with a cup of black tea from India, Ceylon or Africa.  Rachel adds a touch of milk and a little sugar to our cups.  We stir, smell, taste, sigh, and sip.  It’s a magical experience. 

A great espresso is just that, but it’s not tea.  The only other liquid that brings me a simillar type of pleasurable experience is when I am lucky enough to enjoy a special glass of wine.  Fascinating.  A realization just clicked inside that I connect both tea and wine with romance, which means they are  intimately intertwined with peak experiences Rachel and I have enjoyed together-quiet, leisurely breakfasts at home, a tea shop in Paris, afternoon tea at the Four Seasons, a dinner in a corner booth at Vetri, dinner with friends in Rome, and many other entrancing moments.

Corey Morrow, proprietor of Earth and Water, has his own ongoing love affair with tea.  He’s planning to share some of his own intimate moments with this fascinating leaf in the Club Room at 7:00 pm. 

Other voyeurs participating in this experience are our health coach, Emily Rose Shaw. She’ll clue us in on the best foods, both cooked and raw, to help us stay warm and healthy this winter.  Beverly Merson’s "Cinebites" segment takes a look at food in film, plus Tom Allen and his guitar will offer a bit of musical respite from all the talk.