- The Skinny - 20131219 - Ghylian Bell

She is the Yoga Commander in Chief, she is a supermodel of inner beauty, she is Ghylian Bell.

Ghylian Bell has been the founder and director of The Urban Yoga Foundation since 2007.  She began practicing yoga in 1994 in the Ashtanga Tradition with Eddie Stern at YogaShala.  At that time, as a stressed out single mother of one, yoga gave her a connection to herself that helped her be a better mother. 

Ghylian’s training as a yoga teacher began with JodieKomitor and the Next Generation Yoga for Kids certification program.  Soon she completed Alan Finger’s ISHTA 200-hour certification program.  Her passion for teaching comes from sharing yoga and mindfulness skills that provide urban students of color with the tools and discipline that would support the realization of their dreams.

After years of teaching and training, it soon became clear for Ghylian that there was a direct relationship between the minority number of yoga teachers of color and the minority number of students of color learning and practicing yoga.  Ghylian then founded Urban Yoga Foundation with a vision to shift this ratio by making yoga and mindfulness programs that specifically target the needs of underserved, students of color and create a platform for teachers of color to teach in a community that needs to a diverse population teaching, learning and practicing yoga.  Urban Yoga Foundation conducts workshops and trainings for yoga teachers who intend to teach in urban, underserved schools and community centers, providing them with the language, yoga pose, breathing and mindfulness techniques that enable personal growth, character development, and creative self-expression.

Ghylian also serves as Chair for The American Heart Associations “Go Red For Woman Campaign”, an organization that brings awareness to the cause and prevention of heart disease the #1 killer of women.

Ghylian oversees the operations of all Urban Yoga Foundation programs and the successful application of Urban Yoga Foundation’s mission.  Ghylian has worked to build partnerships and holistic wellness lifestyle programs throughout our urban communities.