- Great Taste - 20131219- Julia Punj

LIVEJulia Punj AT HY-VEE-Club Room, 7:00 pm

Our most unusual show/food combination ever! 

Chef Julia Punj will demo how to open oysters, and also prepare pan fried oysters with salsa verde, butter baked oysters, and oysters motoyaki style.  Oysters for a holiday party menu sounds great, right?  So what’s so unusDanielle Georgeual?  Well, that brings us to the other part of the show.

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Danielle George shows us how to make a simple and fun yule log.  Brandon Neil is going to make his fabulous sour cream old-fashioned donuts.  Now you understand?  Pretty strange, but I’m looking forward to it.

I’m counting on Tom Allen to ease the transition from seafood to rich desserts with fun music and his droll sense of humor.

See you in the Hy-Vee Club Room at 7:00 pm on Wednesday!


Corey MorrowLast week Corey Morrow of Earth and Water brought along four black teas for us to taste. It was a fascinating hour filled with tea history and tasting hints.  If you are a tea lover, you’ll enjoy listening.  If not, get with it.  Tea is the most consumed beverage on the planet.  Corey’s insights will help you peek into this amazing plant and its seemingly endless diversity.  Check out his tasting notes blog here.  Also, Beverly Merson, reviewed the documentary, All in This Tea.  The film follows passionate tea expert David Lee Hoffman as he searches for the purest teas and tea makers in China.


Emily Rose Shaw

Our health coach, Emily Rose Shaw, provided a number of terrific tips on how to eat for maximum warmth and nutrition during this chilly time of the year.  Hometown Harvest Coordinator, Jan Swinton, brought the latest news on the local greenhouse designed to provide fresh food for school lunch programs, and Tom Allen was on hand for some music.

NOTE:  Some listeners are confused about what program is going on where.  Usually, there are two different shows happening each week.  There is a live show at Hy-Vee in the Club Room on Wednesday at 7:00 pm, and the previous week’s live Great Taste streams on KRUU at the same time and again on Friday morning at 7:00 am.

Don’t get too attached, though.  Some changes are planned for 2014. 

Two other important pieces of information:  The last live show of the year is next week, Wednesday, December 18, featuring the Indian Hills Culinary Arts students.  THAT IS THE LAST LIVE SHOW UNTIL THE END OF JANUARY! 

Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on a Wednesday, and I have other commitments most of January.  The good news is during that time period GREAT TASTE episodes will feature recent interviews with terrific authors and other food experts so tune in.