Ultra Lounge playlist for 11/27/2013

Piero PiccioniTrack 1La Vita Agra - 1963
?HesitationOrgan Plus
?Beach PartyLunch for Your Ears-Vol 6 (Strip Joints)
?Piacere SequenceShe Had a Taste for Music-Rare Gems from the Italian Cinema
Michael SmallA06Klute
Ennio Morricone02What Did Stalin Do to Women? - 1968
Paul Sawtell and Bert ShefterWho's Talking NowMotor Psycho - 1965
Trapped in a Hellhole
You'll Do Alright Anywhere1`
William LooseCherry and RaquelCherry, Harry & Raquel - 1970
Sven GyldmarkStrip-Tease PartyI, A Woman Part 2 - 1965
?In A FunkLunch for Your Ears-Vol 6 (Strip Joints)
Piero PiccioniAt The Seaman's ClubKenner - 1969
Johnny MandelMagnus Cum LouderHarper - 1966
Gerry Beaudoin TrioRSGThe Return - 2011
Serge GainsbourgWoom, Woom, WoomCinema Music of Serge Gainsbourg
Earl Van Dyke QuartetDon't Mess With BillStanding In The Shadow of the Big Man