- The Skinny - 20131114-Jason Aviles

I know a leader when I see one. I've seen a lot of them. Jason Aviles has all the qualities, the inner peace and the good looks to make a difference.

I love all of my guests, but I have no problem saying this has been my favorite one. Not because i like him best but because I felt honored to see him now, so i can say i knew him then. 


Born in the Bronx borough of New York City and living in the projects for over ten years, Jason overcame many obstacles, but his deepest struggle was coming to accept himself. After some hard life learning lessons, Jason was left with no other option but to trust his heart and pursue his calling to educate our youth. For over seven years he worked in several different educational facilities, communities, businesses, and a maximum security youth prison. During that time Jason saw the huge void, the void between our youth and a fulfilling education. Today, Jason has created a youth empowerment and holistic education non-profit organization, BUBGreat. providing youth with programs that will allow them to explore themselves, learn about themselves, and discover their hidden potential in a safe and healthy environment. Learn more at www.BUBGreat.com.