- The Skinny - 20131003-Tanell Pretorius


Tanell Pretorius


When I pick a trainer I look for 3 things


They Look like they do the workout,


Something about their story and mine gel which means I feel like because of who they are they are the one to get me to my next fitness goal, and lastly  


They have a great heart. Tanell has all three and my search for a trainer in Fairfield is over.

Originally from South Africa, Tanell Pretorius moved to London, in the United Kingdom, at the age of 19 to pursue a career in modeling. She worked as a fashion and sports model for seven years and had agents in London, Milan, Hamburg and Cape Town. She was featured in numerous TV commercials from Sonny Playstation to Veet Wax. In 2011 she moved to Fairfield, Iowa, to complete an undergraduate degree in Media and Communications at Maharishi University of Management. She has since moved her focus to writing and her personal training and Ayurvedic consultant practice. Her passions are self-development and sharing her knowledge and experience of health and wellness with others. She also writes currently for IOWA SOURCE