- The Studio - 20130930- Wayne Johnson

Wayne Johnson's new memoir Baseball Diaries: Confessions of a Cold War Youth, published by Submarine Publishing, reads like a series of interconnected, cleverly-crafted and hilarious short stories. Using all the skills he developed writing critically acclaimed, best-selling novels and popular nonfiction books, Wayne poignantly reveals what it was like to grow up during the bombshelter-building era. Wayne's been a Chesterfield Writers' Film Project Fellow in Hollywood and has received recognition from the Sundance Film Festival for his screenplays. His short stories have appeared in anthologies and in The Atlantic Monthly, Ploughshares, Story, and other magazines. Wayne's received many accolades for his work, including a listing as a London Times bestseller for his first novel, The Snake Game; three Pulitzer nominations; and New York Times Notable Book citations. Wayne grew up in the Twin Cities and studied microbiology at the University of Minnesota before discovering the pleasures of hang gliding near Bozeman, Montana, where he finished his undergraduate degrees in English and Philosophy. He earned a Masters in Fine Arts from The University of Iowa Writers Workshop. He now lives and skis in Utah, where he does emergency outdoor medical rescue for the Park City Ski Patrol. Tune in to The Studio with Cheryl and Wayne this week for an entertaining and educational hour.