- Writer's Voices - 20130830-Steven Verney

Best of All Possible WorldsMonica and Caroline are delighted to welcome first-time novelist and former MIU student B. Steven Verney to KRUU and Writers' Voices, as he returns to Fairfield from his home in Massachusetts to join in the festivities of the MUM Literature Reunion being held this weekend, August 30 - September 2.

In "The Best of All Possible Worlds," just published this month, Verney combines story-telling, philosophy, and the history of the TM movement into a unique and engaging novel.  Anyone who attended TM teacher training courses in Switzerland or learned to meditate at Amherst in the early 70's may just recognize pieces of their own personal history in this novel, while younger meditators, and even non-meditators with with no connection to those events, will get a much deeper perspective of what all the fuss was about.