- Writer's Voices - 20130816 - John Kremer

John KremerBook Marketing expert John Kremer returns to Fairfield, at least in spirit, this week on Writers' Voices.  Monica took a workshop from him more than 20 years ago, and still has the 1990 version (third edition) of his book, "1001 Ways to Market Your Books," which is now in its sixth Edition.  

Monica and Caroline will be speaking with John about how book marketing has changed over that time span, how he became a book marketing expert, the pros and cons of self-publishing versus finding a traditional publisher, the role of agents in today's publishing world, and what impact the internet has had on the business of selling books.

Writers' Voices has also had a request from a listener to find out what Writers' Groups are operating in Fairfield and if any are open to new members, or to put people together to form a new group.  We will do a show on writers' groups in the near future - in the meantime, we'd love to hear from you if you are a member of a group - please email Monica at show@writersvoices.com.