- The Skinny - 20130801 - Kacy Duke

Welcome to KRUU's newest show The Skinny: From Weight Loss to World Issues with host Africa Engo

Africa & KacyAfrica is a dancer, documentarian, performer, blogger, AIDs activist, UN liason, weight loss advocate, vegan diet proponent, self-proclaimed airhead of the intellectual set, a passionate, colorful soul with a cinema and performance degree from NYU who has worked at HBO and MTV. She lost 111 pounds incorporating exercise, a vegan diet regime, and a run from NYC to Chicago. Check out her documentary "I Love Africa".

Featured guest: celebrity fitness trainer Kacy Duke

Few have affected the rhythm of the fitness industry as strongly as international fitness consultant and personal trainer, Kacy Duke. Named the city’s top workout guru by Allure magazine and the best trainer in New York by New York Magazine, her shining spirit and dedication inspires devoted followers the world over to empower themselves for positive change. Kacy has developed some of the most innovative fitness programs for health clubs and corporations in North America, Japan and throughout Europe, like the 'I Am, I Can and I Do' DVD. She is a co-founder and currently a consultant for Equinox Fitness Clubs.