- Planet Erstwild - 20130813 - Ben Griffin Michael Lyons

James Moore interviews Ben Griffin and Michael Lyons, two London-based Veterans for Peace.

Ben served in the British Army and had a crisis of conscience whilst serving in Baghdad. He refused to continue serving there and was discharged from the army. After leaving the army he blew the whistle on British involvement in Extraordinary Rendition and torture and was subsequently gagged after a secret trial.

Mike was a Royal Navy medic serving in Diego Garcia when he was given
orders to deploy as a combat medic to Afghanistan. He decided to
educate himself about that conflict by reading the Wikileaks Afghan
War Diaries. Disturbed by the huge numbers of civilians killed he
applied for conscientious Objector status. During the process he
refused to carry out rifle training and was sentenced to 7 months in

Once out of the military, both joined the Veterans for Peace and both are peace activists, working with the London Catholic Worker and others in London on the Julian Assange and Bradley Manning support campaigns.