- Planet Erstwild - 20130731 - Meghan Dowd

James Moore talks with Meghan Dowd about her family's business Shaktea Komucha. They'll be serving up samples at the Hy-Vee this weekend 9am-1pm!! All proceeds going to their kickstarter. [See detials below.] They hope to move into mechanical bottling in order to expand their growing business which is now serving 30 outlets around the state of Iowa. Meghan is also the force behind Open Space Studio, offering all levels of yoga and much more, located above the Orpheum Theatre.

Steve Boss, host of GREAT TASTE says, "I love small food businesses and the Dowd family, Deb, Meghan and Jack, is all about amazing products.  As I've written before, Jack's organic root beer is unbelievable and their kombucha is a great soft drink replacement if you want some fizz.  They've only got a few days left to fully fund their expansion project.  Please read the following from Meghan and help out if you can.  There are prizes in it for you!"00>


We are working to get a ton of small, medium, and large size pledges to help crowdfund our bottling line into existence... this will allow us to keep making our kombucha and add some new great products into the mix -- like Jack's Real Root Beer -- which will be the first-ever organic brewed root beer available on the market. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1230047189/shaktea-kombucha-and-jacks-real-root-beer

The cool thing about crowd-funding is that if alot of people make a small contribution, big things can happen. Plus there are rewards! We hope everyone will feel inspired to pledge at least $8 for one of the first batches bottled by our new automatic bottling line or $35 for a 6 pack. If you're really thirsty, you can sign up for a month or even year supply. If you're hungry -- join us at our wood-fired organic garden pizza party with our beverages on tap!

We are in the final stretch and have already received pledges for over $19,000 of our $30,000 goal. However, with Kickstarter, it's all or nothing- we have to reach our $30,000 goal by August 4th. If we don't, none of the pledges will be collected and none of the fun rewards exchanged. So we encourage everyone to make a pledge, share our video on your facebook feeds or with your email lists and encourage your friends and family to support organic beverage alternatives! We can ship the root beer anywhere in the US too -- so it's not just limited to Iowa pledgers.