Eating Locally and with the Seasons-Live at Hy-Vee and Celebrity Activist Africa Engo on the Stream

  • Wed
    Jul 31
    7:00 pm -
    8:00 pm
  • Fri
    Aug 02
    7:00 am -
    8:00 am

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On the LIVE Show-Liam Scheff is the guest chef on Great Taste, 7pm, Wednesday, July 31 in the Hy-Vee Club Room
Liam ScheffLiam began his study of macrobiotics when he was but 21, a few years after becoming a vegetarian. He's working on a short book, out early next year, about food energetics.  His style is simple, based on what's seasonal and available locally, plus he likes to show home cooks how they can easily make the same basic meal more interesting by changing the seasoning.  On the stovetop he'll make indian, (or SE Asian), Mexican and Mediterrannean dishes to show how easily this can all be done very quickly.  All you need are the right ingredients and a little understanding about what goes where, and when...

ON THE KRUU STREAMAfrica Engo with Great Taste host Steve Boss

7:00 pm CDT Wednesday and 7:00 am CDT Friday

Let Them Eat KaleListen to our live show from last week.  It was a winner with celebrity activist, Africa Engo, who is an inspiration on many levels. 

She used to weigh 250 lbs.  Not any longer.  After vowing in 2007 to lose 100 lbs. she did that and more.  After her successful weight loss effort she ran from New York to Chicago and completed two other ultra-marathons on three continents to raise AIDS awareness.  The NYU grad helmed the New York AIDs film festival for 8 years, has worked with MTV & HBO, and produced an incredible documentary you can view here--

As a vegan chef, she helps people take charge of their lives and reclaim their physical health.  Africa will join us in the Hy-Vee Club Room to talk food, politics, and prepare two dishes from her book, "Let Them Eat Kale!"

You can read more about her at the following link--,  Don't miss her amazing story!

I love small food businesses and the Dowd family, Deb, Meghan and Jack, is all about amazing products.  As I've written before, Jack's organic root beer is unbelievable and their kombucha is a great soft drink replacement if you want some fizz.  They've only got a few days left to fully fund their expansion project.  Please read the following from Meghan and help out if you can.  There are prizes in it for you!

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More great GREAT TASTE shows coming up in August
August 7 it's the amazing Gisella Isidori at the Club Room with Italy on her mind and Italian dishes on the burners.

August 14 we're doing an array of Spanish dishes with Indian Hills Culinary students who recently returned from two weeks in Spain.  It's an encore performance since last month's Spanish menu was so delicious.

August 21-Think I might take a week off.  We'll see.

August 28-Matt Steigerwald of the Lincoln Cafe and Lincoln Wine Bar in Mount Vernon, IA will be back in the Club Room.  He's bringing  Laura Krouse of Abbe Hills Farm with him.  Our topic is corn, but the dishes he'll create will be anything but corny.