- Planet Erstwild - 20130712 - Africa Engo

Africa EngoPLANET ERSTWILD host James Moore interviews Africa Engo, a recent Fairfield arrival via the Big Apple.

Africa is a dancer, documentarian, performer, blogger, one of the world's foremost AIDs activists, UN liason, weight loss advocate, vegan diet proponent, self-proclaimed airhead of the intellectual set, a passionate, colorful soul with a cinema and performance degree from NYU who has worked at HBO and MTV. She lost 111 pounds incorporating exercise, a vegan diet regime, and a run from NYC to Chicago.

You will not want to miss the amazing story of this truly lit soul. Check out her documentary "I Love Africa" by clicking on her pic. Africa's new show for solar KRUU called THE SKINNY: Weight Loss & World Issues will be premiering soon!!