Making Kitchen Essentials and Picnic Food with Indian Hills Culinary Students-LIVE at Hy-Vee

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Indian Hills StudentsKitchen activity is easy when you have the proper skills, plus it's great to know how to make essential condiments so you don't have to buy the packaged variety.  Mayo and ranch dressing are two perfect examples.  Savannah Strode and Kellie Kuenzler, students in the Indian Hills Culinary Arts program, are going to show us how easy it is to do these two preparations at home.  Your sandwiches, salads, and dips will taste better than ever. 

So what are they going to use the mayo and ranch dressing on?  How about potato salad-two different types for the mayo, and chips and chicken breast strips to go with the ranch.  Perfect for summer fun.

I think they might put their skills in action mixing up some fresh-squeezed lemon and limeade, too.

Also, Emily Rose Shaw, Bev Merson, Tom Allen, and who knows who else might show up so join us in the Club Room at 7:00 pm.


Hy-Vee's Curtis Goudey presented some sneak previews of the upcoming food treats you will find at FairFest, June 21-23.  Hy-Vee is running the "Q" station at the festival.  Curtis will fire up the grill during our Great Taste show and serve some wild-caught salmon that's been ground into burgers.  Also, he's going to let you in on how Hy-Vee assures its customers are getting the "real" deal when it comes to fish.  As we have discussed there is a lot of fraud in the fish mongering business.  As a bonus, we picked up some ssential tips for doing some summer grilling.

Jack Dowd (and the rest of the Dowd family), king of Shaktea kombucha and organic root beer is another of the FairFest vendors.  Root beer floats are a perfect summer treat so we tried out for free what the crowd will have to purchase during the upcoming weekend of music, food, sustainability, and, of course, fun.  Jack's draft-style organic root beer is extraordinary.

StrawberriesLet's see-we tasted just-picked local strawberries, and did a mini-lesson on an outstanding traditional Italian specialty-traditional balsamic vinegar.  Our health coach, Emily Rose Shaw, provided her weekly tips and insights on how to keep you healthy.  Bev Merson found some terrific You Tube videos on summer grilling for her Cinebites segment, Jan Swinton gave us the scoop on the upcoming Farm Crawl, plus Tom Allen provided us with some funny verses while he strummed his guitar.

Tune in because we had a lot of fun.  It's a good listen.

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