Salsas, Juice, and Smoothies-Live and Recorded it's GREAT TASTE this Wednesday!


Mexican food, like many other culturally-rich cuisines, suffers a great injustice in restaurants, grocery stores, and households throughout our country.  Typically, when you wander into the local Los Arcos or Mi Pueblo or a myriad of other spots with the same names, the menu is basically the same.  Instead of General Tso's Chicken, found on every postage-stamp "Chinese" restaurant's menu, you find the "list"-different nachos, taco, enchilada, chimichanga, and assorted other "specialties" available in combinations, or à la carte.  In groceries you can find many varieties of Mexcian cheese.  What that means is the queso fresco is hiding, if it's even on the shelf, but there are lots of those tiny shredded packaged blends that combine cheeses you won't really find in authentic Mexican regional cooking.  Mexican food is mainly understood by the public as "fast food."

Authentic Mexican CookingHave you ever picked up Authentic Mexican: Regional Cooking from the Heart of Mexico, by Rick Bayless with Deann Groen Bayless?  I made a mole from a recipe in that book.  It took eight hours.  When I asked Dori Rector, whose wonderful food we'll get to enjoy at the LIVE show Wednesday, about making some of her favorite Mexican foods, she said, "I'll need to start cooking two days in advance."  She is going to make one salsa ahead of time, but she'll prepare a tomatillo salsa during the show.  Also, we'll have the beans ready because they need to cook for several hours with onion, garlic, and whole chipotle chilis.  But, an unbaked banana cream pie-that she's going to whip up in a few minutes. 

The reality is it takes time to develop layers of different flavors in food, but the result is, well, let's say, worth eating.  In addition, it's important to understand that some basic components that go into Mexican dishes need to be nurtured and take some time to prepare.  It's critical to know that Mexican food is regional, like the cuisines of Italy, France, Spain, and other countries, the recipes differ down to the indiviual household.  It has a subtle, rich, and diverse food culture, and its special flavors are one of Dori's great passions.  Join us in the Club Room for a little taste of Mexico.

Also, our health coach, Emily Shaw starts off the show with a different definition of food.  You migh be surprised to hear it's not just meat and potatoes.


On the KRUU Stream

Blended Bliss BarOur health coach, Emily Rose Shaw, joined us for a comprehensive clinic devoted to that ongoing debate:  What's  healthier-blending or juicing fresh fruits and vegetables?  This was a show I had been waiting for because I wanted to learn more about the two techniques. Also, LaTisha Page, proprietor of the Blended Bliss Bar, located inside the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, added her perspective to the topic. 

We explored the different processes involved, discussed what actually happens to the fruits and vegetables in the blender, juicer, and in your digestive tract, plus learned why "fiber" is a key word.  Emily and LaTisha  made four different beverages-two blended and two juiced and almond milk using our Omega blender and Omega Vert juicer.* 

After an hour you'll understand the basics of blending and juicing, and have recipes and information that can easily be integrated into your daily routine.  If you have time, check out the  documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead prior to the show. 

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* We are fortunate that numerous companies support our weekly show by contributing products for us to use.  With their assistance, cooking is always fun.  One very important note:  We only use products on Great Taste that we actually use in our home kitchen.  We want to express our thanks for the Omega juicer and Omega blender furnished by The Legacy Companies.