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Unlikely Confederacy  When a pig, a frog, and a woodpecker set out on a three wheeled Harley bound for the ancient redwood forests of Big Sur so they can learn how to fly (a woodpecker who can't fly - what's that all about?), a lot can go wrong.It’s times like this when it’s good to have friends. Like Swami, a local surfer who hears your thoughts and changes his appearance at will; or Vashti, the ten thousand year old holy man; or Anansi, the shape shifting trickster; or Stokes, the ageless mountain man.  

"The Unlikely Confderacy of Hoggy, Froggy and Ernie" is hard to describe

Ron Louthan

 - a little bit "The Incredible Journey" and a little bit Tom Robbins, with a dash of Vedic storytelling thrown in.  Join us this week on Writers' Voices for the story behind the story, when Monica and Caroline interview Fairfield author Ron Louthan, a fourth generation California native who studied English Literature at the University of Oregon and UCLA and has managed to become a witty, original writer nevertheless.  "The Unlikely Conferacy" was published March 22, and Ron will be giving a reading at Revelatiions on Saturday, April 6.