GREAT TASTE: Live at Hy-Vee and KRUU for the Stream!

Baker Creek Seed CatalogCrazy fun Wednesday coming up on GREAT TASTE LIVE.  Two shows are on tap at Hy-Vee.  First, at 7:00 pm it's our annual Farmer's Market preview.  The market moves outside in two weeks, and we have some of the key players lined up to tell you what to expect.  At 8:10, the Indian Hills Culinary Crew takes over to cook up some of the dishes they've been working on in class.  It's twice the action this Wednesday because on April 24 the stage will stay dark.  I'll be in sunny California, but back on Thursday, May 2 (this keeps getting more confusing) with our next live show from the Hy-Vee Club Room, featuring Chef Sam Auen of Des Moine's Tacopacalypse cooking up his amazing and uncommon versions of the Mexican staple.

Chef Matt Steigerwald and Great Taste's Kathy DuBoisOn KRUU at 7pm this Wednesday and replayed at 7am on Friday is our show featuring Chef Matt Steigerwald with the Iowa Source's Claudia Mueller and Nina Benjamin.  Matt came down last Wednesday from Mount Vernon where he runs the Lincoln Cafe and Lincoln Wine Bar, two of the most outstanding restaurants in the entire state.  Though the room was packed, it was an intimate experience as Matt shared his vision of what food means to him.  I learned a lot as it was obvious everything he was saying came straight from the heart.  There's plenty of information to digest for every home cook and/or aspiring professional.  Also, he cooked two tasty dishes using Middle Eastern spices-harissa cauliflower, and falafel with a yoghurt, goat cheese and lemon sauce.  Matt's promised to get me the recipes, and provide a list of some of his favorite cookbooks very soon.

Two other notes from the show-Emily Rose Shaw continued her plea to have us add more greens to our diet, and we welcomed back co-host Kathy DuBois, and then said farewell for now to her.  Kathy is putting down roots in Florida for the foreseeable future, and she is going to be missed.  We've shared the Great Taste kitchen for close to six years, most of that time she had to creatively manage with a card table, a glorified hot plate or two, and a toaster oven in the KRUU studio.  Every Wednesday we would waltz into the studio with pots, pans, food, knives, and a myriad of other cooking necessities, set up the temporary prep area, and Kathy would turn out extraordinary dishes including a mushroom sauce my taste buds will never forget.  Though I constantly gave her a hard time for innumerable reasons, it was all in jest and part of the show.  Thanks for all the amazing times, Kath.

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