- Plattenkiste - 20130410 - Charly Maucher

Charly Maucher  Charly Maucherborn on the 6th of May 1947 in Hanover is one of most influential musicians in the German music scene. Emerging from the 60s beat music scene he was one of the founding members of the band Jane that became one of the most Important and successful bands in the German music scene of the 70s. Stylistic playing a melodious synthesis of symphonic hard rock that has been compared to Pink Floyd.

Charly Maucher left Jane in 1974 and formed Harlis. Harlis existed til 1977 and released two albums.

After recording a solo Album “Performance” in 1980 he worked with his former band mates Werner Nadolny and Peter Panka on the ballet production “Warlock”. Produced at the Niedersaechischen Staatstheater in their hometown of Hanover by Jon Symon and Lothar Hoefgen it turned out successfull and they toured Germany. During their work for “Warlock” Charly, Werner and Peter decidet to reform Jane. They were joined by Detlef Klammann and Charly’s long term buddy Klaus Walz on guitar. This formation existed till the early nineties and after this Jane was put on hold for almost a decade.

In 2000 Jane started a comeback and is since then active again with steady success. During this period the band has released 4 studio and two live albums proving their undiminished ability. Jane has always been a great live band and their stage presence is the basis for their ongoing success. A great loss was the death of founding member drummer and lead singer Peter Panka in 2007. They managed to fill the position on the drums with another great musician Fritz Randow (Epitaph, Eloy, Saxon) also from Hanover. The current Line up consists of Charly Mauher Bass and Leadvocals, Klaus Walz Leadguitar, Fritz Randow Drums, Covin Bahn Keyboards and Vocals and Niklas Turman 2nd guitar and Vocals.

At the beginning of this Year I managed to make a long Interview with Charly Maucher. So join me for this fascinating conversation about Jane, Krautrock the 70th and come to know one of the most fascinating and influential musicians from the German music scene.