- Planet Erstwild - 20130410 - Dr. Elaine Ingham

Clcik on pic for full bioFree showing of Extraordinary Film Thursday at 7:30pm at Dalby Hall on MUM Campus | Hosted by Dr. Elaine Ingham

Dr. Elaine Ingham travels the world with a simple, yet profound message: Nature knows best and is capable of not only being more cost effective across the board and less harmful than our current chemically-laden and enviromentally dangerous way of growing food, but also, given a chance, can repair the vast damage that has been inflicted upon our self-depleted soils. And it's all about enlivening the organic biology, as compared to applying inorganic chemicals.

It sounds too simple, doesn't it? It is that simple, insists Dr. Ingham, chief scientist at the Rodale Institute, and career biology ecologist but it flies in the face of agribusiness corporations like Monsanto, Dupont and other businesses who fuel and fund the chemical addictions that have been destroying the life of the soil for decades.

Drawing from ancient knowledge and cutting edge science, Symphony of the Soil is an artistic exploration of the miraculous substance soil. By understanding the elaborate relationships and mutuality between soil, water, the atmosphere, plants and animals, we come to appreciate the complex and dynamic nature of this precious resource. The film also examines our human relationship with soil, the use and misuse of soil in agriculture, deforestation and development, and the latest scientific research on soil’s key role in ameliorating the most challenging environmental issues of our time. Filmed on four continents, featuring esteemed scientists and working farmers and ranchers, Symphony of the Soil is an intriguing presentation that highlights possibilities of healthy soil creating healthy plants creating healthy humans living on a healthy planet.