Live at HY-VEE: Italian Regional Flavors from Piemonte | On-Air: A Trio of Thai Flavors

  • Wed
    Mar 13
    7:00 pm -
    8:00 pm
  • Fri
    Mar 15
    8:00 am -
    9:00 am


Romancing the VineWe have a double dose of Italy planned on Wednesday live from the Hy-Vee Club room. 

James Beard award-winning author, Alan Tardi, joins us via Skype to discuss Piemontese cuisine, and his experiences after a decade of living in the Italian countryside.  Alan left his career as a chef in New York City, closing his fabulous Tuscan-style restaurant, Follonico, and moving to the Langhe Valley in Piemonte in 2003, a region known for its amazing grapes.

With Laurie Baumann's assistance, we'll prepare a couple of typical Piemontese delights.  Join us at 7:00 pm for a delicious and informative hour.

ON THE AIR: Get set for a jam-packed sixty minutes of Thai flavors.  Sean Hickey was our chef in-residence last week, and he turned out three sparkling dishes that wowed the live audience.

Sean Hickey/Thai food Sean will introduce you to some of the basic flavor components you need to prepare Thai dishes at home, plus present a short tutorial on using lemon grass, and numerous other tips.  One of the main takeaways from the night besides the incredible flavors Sean coaxed out of his ingredients was that these dishes are quick to cook, but you have to spend some time in the preparation.  You'll learn to make Dry-Style Street Noodle, Chicken/Rice Soup, and Kao-Soi (recipe follows).  Sean's pop-up in the Club Room was the best Thai restaurant I've ever experienced.

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Kao Soi Noodle   
 6 Servings   
 2 Tbsp.     Coconut Oil or Veg Oil
 2 Cans      coconut milk
 2 Tbsp      sweet red paprika
 2 Tbsp..    coriander seed roasted and ground
 1/8 Tsp.    turmeric
 1.5 lb.       onion
 3" piece     fresh ginger
 2 Tbsp.      fish sauce or thin soy sauce
 1 Tbsp.      cane sugar
 1 Lb.         cooked spaghetti or fettuccine
 1 Bunch     broccoli florets
 1Bunch     cilantro
 1 small     cabbage thinly sliced
 6 oz.     cooked Shrimp or Chicken
 Pot     Boiling water
 1     Grind in a food processor the ginger and onion till you have a fine paste
 2     Fry Onion/Ginger paste in coconut oil
 3     When fragrant add turmeric, paprika, and coriander. Cook until oil is very red/yellow
 4     Add coconut milk and bring to boil
 5     Add fish sauce and palm sugar to coconut mixture to taste
 6     In strainer type basket place 1/6 of Broccoli, Cabbage and Noodle. Boil until cooked through
 7     Place Broccoli, Cabbage and Noodle into individual serving bowl
 8     Pour sauce  into bowl and top with chicken/Shrimp and Cilantro
 **     you can add extra Soy sauce or sugar to the bowl to taste.