TED Talk Music Director Thomas Dolby talks sustainability & much more

  • Wed
    Feb 06
    2:00 pm -
    2:00 pm
  • Fri
    Feb 08
    9:00 am -
    9:00 am

Did you know musician ThoThomas Dolby -- Click on pic to see an amazing video of the Toadlickers!!mas Dolby was musical director of the world famous TED Talk enclave? Yes, that's right. The man behind the monster hit, "She Blinded Me with Science" is a tech advocate who championed wind power--and celebrated it in song--back in the early 80s!! How's that for ahead of the curve?

Celebrated KRUU host Mike Ragogna talks with Thomas about his sustainable ways, including recording on a solar-powered boat, and more. And plenty of music as well.

Click on pic for Dolby's down home toadlicking slick music flick.