Spanish Chef Fátima Pérez Andres, LIVE at Hy-Vee Wednesday on the next GREAT TASTE!

  • Wed
    Feb 06
    8:00 pm -
    9:00 pm
  • Fri
    Feb 08
    8:00 am -
    9:00 am

GREAT TASTE is firing up the burnes in the Hy-Vee Club Room Wednesday.  We'll have terrific food, music, and a special guest chef from Spain, Chef Fátima Pérez Andres.

Chef Fátima Pérez Andres Chef Fátima is the owner of Restaurante Fatima and one of Spain's top mycologists.   Her work with Madrid Fusion, and local mushroom producers and groups including El Congreso Zoria Gastronomica has brought great recognition to the area of Castilla y Leon, where her restaurant is located.

She is currently participating in an educational and cultural exchange program at Indian Hills, working with the students in the Culinary Arts program.  The Director of the program, Chef Gordon Rader, will join her in our studio kitchen along with several students.

Spain comes to Iowa and we'll share the experience through cyberspace on the next Great Taste.  Join us at 7:00 pm CT or catch the  We're cooking LIVE on the radio.