Centripetal Sounds: The Rainbow Rider playlist for 01/05/2013

Rumah SakitBring On The CobrasRumah Sakit
ReplikantsReplikants RequiemSlickaphonics
Strawberry Alarm ClockThe Worlds on FireStrawberries Mean Love
FurisubiSentinelsRare Youth
ST MikaelAre You Dreaming Again?
James AmoebaPearl Skies
Amil ByleckieThe Eagles Summation
Area CCircada
Russian TsarcasmDon't Ever Touch Me
Mucid CuspidorVile Surmising
Summer CityHurry Your Ass
Feral childrenPanic Attack
Siege EngineUntitled
Haunted HouseGravediggers
SynbElectric Gladiators
Lucky DragonShimmering Problems/On Kitchen Floors/Outside of Kitchen Windows
Leif GoldbergCloset Day To Earth
Unicorn Hard-OnBird In Hand
What Cheer? BrigadeDisco Bhangra
Red DeliciousSoda
Black Forest/Black SeaOld Man Chepachet
Diego PerezSquid Battles and Dies
Teenage WastebandBeast

Rainbow Rider #101