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Former show host Cakau Vals, now performing w/ The Excitements in SpainIt's amazing hearing people from all across the community spectrum giving voice to Fairfield. That's what people-powered means. And listener supported means we can't do it without you.

"A great example of Fairfield’s personality."

SUPPORT Fairfield's voice being heard. SUPPORT the best little community radio station sunlight ever lit. SUPPORT a watering hole and passion factory for people of all ages. SUPPORT a station committed to sustainability, open dialogue & fun!

FMS students making radio while the sun shines

Seventy-five shows a week, 99% locally produced, inspiring over 225 hosts the past 6 years, more than 125,000 volunteer hours, 20,000 shows, and up to two million hits a month.

Supporting KRUU supports you & Fairfield, too!

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Team Trees Forever Community Radio Style Community radio and Fairfield--

an award-winning match.

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Pictured left: Part of our tree planting crew, including the mayor, Boy Scouts, MUM, and Leopold Group/Sierra Club participants. Not pictured Go Green, City Council, Green Band, & other planters. This fall, five tons of trees, 50 arborvitaes, were planted on the station's grounds, thanks to a grant from Trees Forever.

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We've been giving voice to the community for going on seven years now. More than 200 show hosts from across the community spectrum have joined the KRUU, contributing over 150,000 volunteers hours, with 75 locally-produced programs a week.

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Dave Matthews, Graham Nash, Candy Crowley, Yo-Yo Ma, & many others have lauded KRUU for being solar, independent, for keeping radio alive. I remember the President saying when we interviewed him in 2008: "This is a professional set up." Rickie Lee Jones was short & sweet: "Solar-powered radio? That's bitchin'."


-We planted 50 arborvitae trees this fall--five tons of trees--with a generous Trees Forever grant.

-We began broadcasting GREAT TASTE "Live from Hy-Vee" this summer. 3D radio you can taste!!

-We upgraded our weather response system this spring with the help of the Greater Jefferson County Grant Foundation.

-Last year, KRUU produced a 20-part statewide Dream Green radio series on energy efficiency and Alliant Energy donated a 200-foot free-standing radio tower.

-Next summer, we're organizing a multi-event, multi-day Culture Fest w/ national acts, solar-powered main stage, artisan food & much more!!

-Fairfield Middle Schoolers just made a radio show with naturalist Therese Cummisky; and Bottle Rocket joined his mom & dad, Rocket & Zondo (a.k.a. Kevin Hosbond & Alicia Carradus), as our youngest show host on Wayward El Camino.

Your support supports all this and so much more.

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