Anchors Aweigh on Lyrical Venus!

  • Wed
    Nov 28
    10:00 am -
    11:00 am

Heather MillerGonna throw my anchor down
Gonna hold my head up high
Gonna claim this brave new world
In the name of you and I
Anchor ~ Heather Miller

Oh hey! It's yours truly, DJ Hum with my own CD now! Officially releasing to the world on Friday!

In May 2011, Fairfield singer-songwriter Heather Miller followed her musical calling all the way to Austin, Texas to study with mentor and producer Daniel Barrett at Rubicon Recording Studios. Daniel’s Rubicon Year program, which offers intensive study and goal-oriented mentoring in writing, musicianship, performing, and recording, allowed Heather to dive deep into the creative process and examine her relationship to it from every angle.

One year, 157 open mic performances, and a successful Kickstarter campaign later, Heather is back home in Fairfield and excited to celebrate the completion of her project with a five-song debut EP. Called Anchor, the album is an inspiring collection of catchy, rootsy, melodic songs, drawing their stories from love and life, doubts and dreams.