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Ornamental cover It's the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you enjoy Christmas music. I love finding and playing holiday music we may not have heard before, (many thanks to Stubbys House Of Christmas) including originals and unique interpretations of classics heard many (many) times. Some titles we've tired of. I felt that way about "Jingle Bells" for a long time. All of a sudden there's three new versions I enjoy and will play between now and Christmas. One is "Steampunk Jingle Bells" by Abney Park, from Ornamental, an all new 2 disc holiday compilation from Projekt Records, out of New York City. Not only does Paulina Cassidy contribute 3 songs, but her magical cover art (image) is my fave of the season. Also, hear new music from The National Jazz Trio Of Scotland's Christmas Album- "a debut that isn’t really a debut, by a Trio that isn’t a trio; a Christmas album that’s unlike almost any other Christmas album." This from the Berlin based Karaoke Kalk label. Their interpretation of "Jingle Bells" is the one station manager James Moore and I enjoy the most from this new release. Rick Cornish began creating annual Holiday Chillout CDs in 2001. We'll hear cool holiday grooves from Rick's Holiday Chillout 7, The 7 Year Mix. Also, music from the new album Zuzu's Petals from Canada's A Lunch At Allen's Christmas. I believe the title cut will become a classic. These glad tidings begin Saturday morning at 9:00 AM Central. Live stream @kruufm.com. We'll post the playlist afterward.