Live at Hy-Vee-GREAT TASTE Features Terrific Holiday Treats You can Make at Home with the Indian Hills Culinary Crew

  • Wed
    Nov 21
    8:00 pm -
    9:00 pm
  • Fri
    Nov 23
    8:00 am -
    9:00 am

Hot ChocolateThanksgiving should be next week, right?  It feels a little out-of-place so early in the month.  Anyone else feeling weird about celebrating Thanksgiving this year?  Maybe it crept up on me too fast?  I don't know.
So out of sorts about the holiday, I started to think about my favorite Thanksgiving memories.  All I could recall were several very nasty afternoons and evenings with major indigestion or the time our son, Jacob, made his cousin cry because he told her that the turkey on her plate was alive until someone killed it so she could have a Thanksgiving feast.  No fond memories?  Finally, I recalled a wonderful Festa del Ringraziamento (Thanksgiving) in Italy.  Friends felt pity for us having to celebrate so far from home so they invited us over for pizza!

Indian Hills culinary studentsHow about the Indian Hills culinary crew helping me out of my Thanksgiving blues?  That's what is on tap for GREAT TASTE on Wednesday live from Hy-Vee's Club Room.  Curt Goudy and Sara Valentine have the spirit.  They are going to show you how to make homemade egg nog, a shelf-stable hot chocolate mix, marshmallows for the hot chocolate, sweet potatoes or your Thanksgiving campfire, plus a number of other beverage concoctions guaranteed to make your holiday entertaining easier and more fun.

MarshmallowsJoin co-host Kathy DuBois and me for the broadcast at Hy-Vee.  Tom Allen will provide some holiday music.  It's free and fun. If the logistics are somewhat challenging, then catch the live stream at

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Make the holidays brighter for people in need by checking out the local agencies that provide festive meals.  Locally, The Lord's Cupboard needs plenty of items.

All donations need to be taken to the Cupboard by Dec. 5, The cupboard is located at 54 South B Street. The hours are M-F 1-4 p.m. Because of the large amount of food needed the products need to be of uniform size.  The following is a list of our needs. Thank you for caring and for your help.

Beef Stew 24oz.
CanCorn 15oz.
Can Green Beans 15oz.
Can Mixed Vegetables 15oz.
Can Peaches 15oz.
Can Pears 15oz.
Can Mixed Fruit 15oz.
Applesauce 15oz.
Cornflakes or Similar 18oz.
Saltines 1 box
Spaghetti 1 box
Spaghetti Sauce 25oz.
Peanut Butter 18oz.
Chicken Noodle Soup 10.5oz.
Tomato Soup 10.5oz.
Tuna 5oz.


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