The John Lydon Interview That Wasn't!!!

Hi KRUU listeners. This is what I put in my Huffington Post piece this morning in addition to broadcasting an apology this morning during my show...


Well, first off, all apologies to John Lydon and everyone else who read my post of an interview with John Lydon that turned out not to be John Lydon at all. I'm very sorry for the mixup. It happened due to my accidentally calling another interviewee's number a couple of times as I was searching for John, resulting in my being pranked. There were apparently a couple of attempts made to contact me, but there was confusion in the process, and that combined with poor cell phone service to create the perfect storm.

The post went up a little over a week ago then taken down the instant I discovered the truth. Over the years, I've posted hundreds and hundreds of interviews, and this is the first time something like this has happened, I never even considered the concept. Again, apologies to everyone, especially John.