2005 musique de casa

  • Thu
    Nov 01
    7:00 pm -
    8:00 pm
  • Sun
    Nov 04
    8:00 am -
    9:00 am

enough political bob sinclairbanter; time to dance through the election, and beyond, with music from 2005 that will keep your heart pulsing rapidly--but in a good way.

this week, i start off the show with some easy-going dance tunes from 2005 (american satoshi tomiie, filipino/american greenskeepers, french electroniquistes daft punk, french production wiz bob sinclair [left] and singer gary pine, eclectic gorillaz, brazilian luka), then slow down and space things out a little bit (with finnish band kirpi and a 2005 melody from mccartney), and then space-hop til you drop (italian slok, british psych-trancers shpongle--especially their "levitation nation"), before dropping you back to the leaf pile with uk's goldfrapp.

it's a wordly dance experience from 2005. the tracks.