- Planet Erstwild - 20121025 - Attorney Loren Collins on "Bullspotting"

James Moore talks with Atlanta attorney Loren Collins, author of BULLSPOTTING: Finding Facts in the Age of Misinformation, about the DVD called "Dreams of My Real Father" by Joel Gilbert whose film is showing this weekemd in Fairfield, calling it "complete bunk." The DVD asserts that Obama's Kenyan father is a ruse to cover the "real" story: Obama is actually a red diaper baby, the son of commie/poet Frank Marshall Davis. Gilbert has made other films: one claiming Paul McCartney is dead and another that Elvis Presley is alive. 

The assertions of the story, according to Collins, simply do not hold up to simple investigative scientific scrutiny. Collin's website barackcryphal has the breakdown in clear detail. Up till this moment, it's received little comment from media and screened at only six places in the past two months, according to Gilbert's offical website. But perhaps flying under the radar means it will have a little explosion in key swing states just in the run up to the election, begging the age-old question: When money talks it is impolite for facts to interrupt?