GREAT TASTE -LIVE at HY-VEE- Indian Hills Culinary Crew, Shoots, Ayurvedic Cuisine & MORE!

Mountain CowI want to go to the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy.  The autonomous region is in the far north bordered by Austria to the north, Switzerland to the northwest, and two regions of Italy, Lombardia on its west and Veneto in the south.  It's a mountainous area where the residents mainly speak Italian in Trentino and German in the Alto Adige.  I need (notice the verb used) to go there and watch the bruno alpina and grigio alpina cows.  I need to listen to the sound of their bells as they wander the mountain pastureland.  I need to speak with their custodians, and taste the cheeses made from their milk during the short summer grazing season.  I need to wash those cheeses down with some pinot bianco.

OK, time to rein that in, but let it still percolate.  I had to take a few deep breaths to pull myself back from the daydreaming abyss to this week's GREAT TASTE reality.  Busy show as is the norm.  We're live at Hy-Vee.  I feel informative rather than self-serving to clue you in:  if you are a local and not at Hy-Vee on Wednesdays at 7 pm you are missing out on the most delicious food in town.  Oh yea, we do a live radio show, too. 

ProfiterolesThis week it's the Indian Hills Culinary crew.  Last month they did profiteroles and other desserts.  Delicious!  I've been told the crew has a chocolate surprise for Wednesday, which means I have no idea what they are going to make other than chocolate is a part of it.  That works for me.  UPDATE:  BY SPECIAL REQUEST CUPCAKES HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE MENU! It's always fun and fascinating to learn what is going on in their culinary labs, and watch them show off newly learned skills.  If time permits we might do a clinic on knife sharpening and honing. 

Jan Swinton, our local food coordinator, will swing by to give us a taste of the shoots she discussed last week.  Shoots are the new plant growth of baby stems and leaves grown in dirt instead of sprouts that are nurtured in water.

Heavenly cooking with ayurvedaAlso, Frank Lotz, author of Heavenly Cooking with Ayurveda, joins us to discuss his book.  The recipes in Frank's book have been developed during his 28 years of cooking in this style that focuses on creating balance in the body.  Having arrived from Germany early Tuesday morning, Frank has a slight bit of jet lag going on.  We're letting him off easy; he's going to make Sri Lankan Coconut Lassi.

Tom Allen will bring his guitar, Kathy DuBois her charm and kitchen talent, plus I'll be there to make you laugh (I hope) and share some my first try at vegan nut cheese with roasted sweet peppers and herbs.  Keep the 7-8 pm hour free, and join us live at Hy-Vee or on the stream at