Lyrical Venus playlist for 09/05/2012

Shannon WurstSwamp RoadWhat's More Honest Than a Song?
Anna CooganSo Long SummertimeThe Nocturnal Among Us
Teresa StorchStream Of ConcreteStream Of Concrete
Brooke Brown SaracinoHow To SpeakStranger's Story
Jenna LindboHead Over HandlebarsJasmine Parade
Rosie Burgess BandThese Leaves(Leap)
Caroline Smith and The Good Night SleepsWhere Has Sally Gone?Backyard Tent Set
Neko CaseAt LastFox Confessor Brings the Flood
ellen cherry1950 Inside the Music Box(New) Years
Sarah McQuaidLift You Up and Let You FlyThe Plum Tree and The Rose
Sarah McQuaidThe Sun Goes On RisingThe Plum Tree and The Rose

Interview with Sarah McQuaid!