- 20120919 - Great Taste - Pâte à Choux - LIVE from Hy-Vee

Swan pastriesI am almost drooling with anticipation regarding Wednesday's GREAT TASTE.  It's our monthly show when the Indian Hills culinary students show off their skills so Curt Goudy and his crew will take the stage live at Hy-Vee from the Club Room/Kitchen Lab.  They are going to work with pâte à choux.  If you aren't familiar with the term, think profiteroles, éclairs, gougères, and much more.  Butter, water, flour, eggs equals ecstatic moments.

What's my first memory of luscious French pastries?  There were two spots in high school where we would take dates for dessert, and both featured over-the-top French desserts.  In Webster Groves it was Louis IX, and in  Richmond Heights we flocked to Cyrano's.  Were the creations that delicious or were we simply young and impressionable.  Don't know, but the memories are still lively and tantalize my taste buds.  I do recall very clearly my favorite profiteroles.  They were the finishing touch of one of many amazing dinners at Vetri in Philadelphia.  It's a tough job, but I'm going to force myself to host the show and try whatever types of pâte à choux are served.

We'll have a few other things going on Wednesday night.  We'll discuss a couple of books, two movies about food (surprised?), and get some opinions on whether the ability to recognize excellent food is something that can be taught.  What else? There''s Tom Allen's music, Jason Strong's FMC video cameras,  James Moore running the show, the ever effervescent and lovely Kathy DuBois, and the star, in case you need to be reminded-pâte à choux.

All we need is you.  Join us at Hy-Vee live at 7:00 pm.  If you've never experienced live radio, it's fun and, in this case, delicious.  If location is a problem, then catch the stream.  You'll find it at www.kruufm.com.


Dave's chickenRemember when your Mom used to crush up cornflakes, add a little salt and pepper, dunk chicken parts in milk, roll the pieces in the batter, and cook them either in the oven or in a pan?  My buddy, Dave, takes the "natural foods" route using Erewon brown rice flakes cereal.  Add salt and pepper to the crushed flakes, and to really give it a unique flavor just a bit of pimentón de La Vera, Spanish smoked paprika.  It could be the perfect opening to a profiterole finish.