- Tanner & Moore - 20120913 - Cullen Thomas & Donald Revolinski

Film director Cullen Thomas and producer Donald Revolinski talk with Stuart Tanner and James Moore about the world premiere of their new film.

"The Vindication of Ronald Clay" will be screening at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center on Friday, September 21st at 7:30pm. This screening is one night only. Formal dress is encouraged.

Shot on location in Fairfield, Iowa, with an all Iowa cast and crew, "The Vindication of Ronald Clay" is a smart, stylistic adventure about the interwoven fables of five patrons to a coffee shop at the center of the universe. Set in an alternate timeline where Napoleon's descendents still rule.

The Vindication of Ronald Clay is equal parts Flash Gordon, Dick Tracey, and The Princess Bride, with lots of spies, lies, machinations and fun. Proudly co-sponsored by KRUU-FM.