Aaron Shier Live on the StevieMix Dance Show Friday Sept 7 at 9PM

  • Fri
    Sep 07
    8:00 pm -
    9:00 pm

This Friday Sept. 7, on the StevieMix dance show from 9-10 PM, we will interview special guest Aaron Shier aka FTR3 (pronounced ‘future’) and play some of his latest killer electro and dubstep tracks and a variety of other music in those genres and more. 

Originally from Fairfield, Aaron is a music producer who’s remixed for major labels and has created amazing original music. Aaron has flown in from LA to perform at the Red Rock this Saturday night and will stop by to showcase his music and talk about what’s trending in the electronic dance music scene.  You can check out some samples of the kind of music he plays at http://soundcloud.com/ftr3 .

Aaron Shier won't make it tonight because of flight change

Unfortunately Aaron will be arriving past the show's tme.  We will still have great electro and dubstep and will try to do this another time.