Smash Mouth's Steve Harwell & Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas on Mike Ragogna's 2.0

  • Wed
    Sep 05
    1:00 pm -
    1:00 pm
  • Fri
    Sep 07
    8:00 am -
    8:00 am


Lead singers of two renowned bands with brand new albums out talk with Mike Ragogna.

Matchbox TwentyFirst up is Steve Harwell, the lead singer and lead bassist of the band Smash Mouth, best known for the hit song "All Star". Steve talks about the band's brand new release "Magic"(out this week), their first in 6 years, and everything else new with the band.

Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty fills the rest of the hour with conversation about the band's new album "North"(also just out this week), which is the band's first album of all new material in ten years.