- 20120826 - Sports Talk With Paul

Just a preview of whats to come:

#1 Arian Foster - A season removed from Bounty Gate and head coaches who nearly came to blows over an aggressive handshake, the top fantasy player this year is non other than a mild mannered philosopher. Don't let the thick framed glasses and verbose interviews fool you, Arian is an absolute beast when it comes to fantasy points. The Texans lost a few key defenders this off-season so their offense will be heavily relied upon to win games. There is just one ball to spread around a ton of talent in Houston but with almost half the fantasy season against the Jags, Colts, and Titans, I have no doubt Foster's opulent ways will continue...

#2 Aaron Rogers - A QB at number two? Yes, the NFL's new rules have turned the QB into the dominant force in Fantasy Football. In today's fantasy game you cant win a title without a prime time gunslinger paired with a big time runner. The magnitude of what Rogers has accomplished in the wake of a legend can not be overvalued. If the Saints hadn't tried to break his legs two years ago, Brett Favre would be all but a distant memory. I love drafting fantasy players who have something to prove and after last years early playoff exit, Rogers has the perfect combination of skills, situation, and motivation you should look for in a early draft pick. The lack of a notable running game in GB only means more attempts for #12.

#3 LeSean McCoy - The most explosive Irish athlete since Shaquille O'neal, McCoy is once again poised for a standout fantasy campaign. Like Arian Foster, he has the ability to beat you both on the ground and through the air. Which is so important because whether a team is ahead or behind, the player remains essential to the offense. This is something Adrian Peterson owners know all too much about. Last year the Vikings, time and time again, turned away from their best player because they were trailing. This is never the case with LeSean. The threat of Vick running from back field and the Eagles speed demon WR's stretching the defense, combine to make McCoy impossible to isolate in a defensive scheme. The touchdowns may drop a bit from last year but I expect him to make up for it with more all purpose yards. He still has his best years ahead of him as well. 

#4 Tom Brady - The last time Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels got together, fantasy gold rained down like F-Bombs on a Chad Johnson dropped ball. (But seriously, does anyone use "fuck" as well as Chad? He uses it with such clarity and enthusiasm, Helen Keller must nod with agreement from the grave) The addition of Brandon Lloyd and the return of Welker, Gronk, Hernandez and McDaniels make me think that 45 TD's is well within reach. The lack of a power RB will only increase Brady's red zone attempts. Brady will be this years NFL MVP.

#5 Ray Rice - The last sure thing Rb in this years draft is Ray Rice. Like McCoy and Foster, is an all purpose back with talent to burn. He ranks behind Foster and McCoy only because he plays in the AFC North, where games are lower scoring and teams tougher to run against. Yet, Ray Rice is the unquestioned focus of his team. He will likely lead the league in touches this year and with his talents that should equal great rewards.

#6 Jeff Demps - A real sleeper is a guy like Victor Cruz. Somebody so far under the radar, bats have already shut him out. This year that guy is Jeff Demps of the New England Patriots.

                           "You can't teach speed."- Somebody

Demps was a standout RB for The Florida Gators four years ago but instead of heading to the NFL, brought his talents to London for the Olympic Games, where he earned a silver metal in the 4x100. With names like Jim Brown, Willie Gault  and Darrell Green brandishing similar track and field resumes, NE O.C. Josh McDaniels WILL find a way to showcase Demps' rare gift. With an incredibly average group of RB's on the depth chart in front of him, look for Demps to separate himself from the heard with his ridiculous 4.2 speed. Draft him late and stash him on your bench till the snow starts falling in NE. Then watch JD heat Foxboro back up. 

- @PaulStrubell