- 20120808 - Great Taste - Chef Bertrand Simon LIVE at Hy-Vee - French Technique and the American Kitchen

Ottumwa Courier/Chelsea DavisIt's not often in our little midwestern rural spot we get to experience having a world-class chef from Europe in our midst.  This week's GREAT TASTE features one hour with Chef Bertrand Simon in the Hy-Vee Club Room/Kitchen Lab.  Chef Simon, who teaches culinary arts in Lile, France, began his career in 1977.  He had the great fortune to work in the kitchens of Paris and other cities during the beginning of the "nouvelle cuisine" revolution so his skills were honed with the influences of traditional and new French techniques during a period of amazing culinary excitement.

ice cream and berriesHis kitchen philosophy is based on a minimalist style where local, fresh ingredients are the focus of each plate.  He appreiates fusion and molecular gastronomy, incorporates technological advances when appropriate, but spends more time researching the history and people who developed the classical styles and recipes that still remain the foundation of French cooking.

During the program he's going to teach us some simple recipes and techniques we can use in our daily kitchen adventures.  He developed his website to help preserve all the important gastronomic knowledge that he feels is endangered by modern society's "fast" approach to food.