- 20120711 - Great Taste - LIVE FROM HY-VEE: IT'S CORN & KRAUT

Raw Sauerkraut

Why Listen to Radio When You Can Taste It!!

GREAT TASTE with host Steve Boss is going to have a good old food bash and everyone is invited.  Succotash, grits two different ways, fresh-made, raw sauerkraut and kimchi, are all on the menu.  Now that lineup may sound a bit strange, but we're in the midst of corn and preserving season so we took the liberty of combining those elements into one grandiose show.

Local chef Avi Pogel along with sustainable food expert Dora Pollak will show you how to prepare a luscious succotash, a dish popular in New England, the South, and many other states.  Also, they will demonstrate how to make raw sauerkraut, and are bringing along some homemade kraut and kimchi (traditional Korean-style pickles) for everyone to taste.  Both foods are rich in digestive enzymes, Vitamin C, and friendly lactic-acid bacteria.  If you have never eaten raw sauerkraut, it's taste is not even a distant cousin to the canned or German-style variety.  Your mouth will wake up with a real flavor burst. Click "Read more" below to continue.

GritsThe Chair of the Department of Sustainable Living at MUM, David Fisher, happens to hail from the South, and is a real lover of grits.  He's coming armed with a hand-operated grain grinder, his own home-grown whole corn, and the sifters to cook up some REAL grits.  We'll make cheese grits (my favorite) with a convenient grind available at the store.  You'll be the judge: grind-your-own or off-the-shelf.

We'll have corn and kraut recipes for you to take home.  Plenty of time for questions and answers.  It's LIVE radio as KRUU and Hy-Vee bring you sixty minutes of deliciousness during GREAT TASTE.  Don't miss it!