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Tilapia-Spanish styleIf you missed out on our Spanish food night last month, here's another opportunity.  After two weeks in Spain, during June and July, several of the culinary students at Indian Hills will recreate dishes they learned to prepare, and regale us with their late-night adventures.  Fortunate are we who find a spot in the audience at Hy-Vee for a sampling of yogurt mousse, tortillas (not Mexican tortillas, a totally different food in Spain), pork-Spanish style, olive oil bonbons, and more.

Spanish cuisine is a misnomer just like Italian or French cuisine.  The food of Spain, like Italy and France and many other countries, is a reflection of the climate, geography, and traditions that belong to each little village and the infinite combinations of food, which are the sacred threads that bind families.  Don't miss this opportunity to share the passion these young people have for Spain's people and food.  Find your way to the Club Room/Kitchen Lab for some Great Taste(s) and culinary artistry live at Hy-vee.  If you can't make it, the stream is at  

Antico kitchenPomodoriniI'm back from a quick trip to Atlanta where the food scene is sizzling.  They have a park that hosts a weekly Farmer's Market and is the new home of a plethora of food trucks.  Napoletana-style pizza is a current obsession.  The pizza I enjoyed was at Antico, which attracts such a crazy number of people there is actually an on-duty policeman there to assist with crowd control. 

Grilled chicken and fries/ringsFarm Burger is one of the numerous burger joints serving up local grass-fed beef, fresh-cut fries and onion rings.  I went with the chicken burger topped with smoked gouda, kale, onion, and a tasty dressing.  Look closely and you can see there may have been some fresh-cut fries and onion rings as part of that burger basket.  The very personable concierge at the hotel had told me not to pass up their special shakes.  Certainly not one to shy away from a challenge, I settled on the key lime pie variety, which tasted, hmmm, just like really good key lime pie.


French ToastHighland Bakery was a few steps from the rapid transit station near my hotel so I indulged in biscuits, cheese grits, and plenty of sweet tea.  OK, I had some of their mini-muffins-a vegan banana nut and blueberry.  Did I mention that I found my way there for breakfast twice?  Well, I had to eat before heading for a long day of work. Their French toast (left) is outrageous (I snapped someone else's.  Yes, I am telling the truth.) 


Curtis StoneAlso, I was a picked out of the crowd to join in a martini making contest during a cooking demo conducted by Curtis Stone, host of Bravo's Around the World in 80 Plates, (and spokeschef (I guess that's a word now that I used it) for Hy-Vee).  The audience, consisted mainly of women sighing, shrieking, and ogling Stone, and voted my competitor, a woman who lacked the amazing martini shaking ability I demonstrated, the winner. It was great fun.  Luckily for the audience I didn't participate in the next encounter where the contestants had to shake other parts of their body.

Thanks, Atlanta.  You've got a lively, creative food scene.