LIVE from HY-VEE's Club Room Kitchen, it's Italian Food Expert Gisella Isidori w/ host Steve Boss

  • Wed
    Jun 20
    6:00 pm -
    7:00 pm
  • Fri
    Jun 22
    6:00 am -
    7:00 am

Gisella IsidoriMake Fairfield's Hy-Vee your destination Wednesday at 7 pm as KRUU's Great Taste broadcasts live from the Club Room/Food Laboratory.  Our special guest is Gisella Isidori, well-known Italian Food and Travel consultant, and general whirlwind. 

Join Gisella for the show where she'll discuss different Italian regional food traditions, current food trends in Italy, and share some of her favorite recipes.  She'll make several dishes including a Sicilian orange salad, the classic pasta dish spaghetti cacao e pepe, and more.  After the show stick around for another hour of cooking and a question and answer session.

Don't miss this great chance to learn how to prepare authentic Italian specialties. If you can't join us, tune into the stream at  Ciao.

Pasta with GisellaGisella Isidori

An expert in the history of Italian regional cuisine and a leading proponent of organic Italian food and traditional cooking, Gisella Isidori is a well known International Food and Travel Consultant. Throughout  her career she has represented multiple food producers and travel companies in Italy, Canada and the United States.

Year after year, Signora Isidori has organized contingents of Italian producers to showcase their products at the United States Fancy Food shows in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.  Additionally, Signora Isidori develops and conducts educational cooking classes at culinary institutes in the United States and Canada focusing on Italian food traditions and the relationship between terroir, products, and regional cuisine.

As a travel coordinator for gastronomic tours through Italy, Signora Isidori has been deeply involved with food professionals and Italian food enthusiasts from around the world. Among many initiatives, she led a tour through twelve cities across America, focusing on Italian food and wine products and providing education about Italian history, culture and way of life.

As a guest lecturer at the Smithsonian Institution, she has spoken on the food culture of Northern Italy. She has provided research and recipe development for specialized Food and Travel magazines and for many outstanding books on the history and recipes of Italian regional cooking, including The Four Seasons of Italian Cooking, which reviewers called "a handsome reminder of the simplicity and splendor of rustic Italian food" and The Splendid Table, which Anna Teresa Callen called ""one of the most informative and irresistible books ever written about the food of Italy".

Her newest adventure includes marketing regional artisanal products with unique enjoyable, educational programs that include tastings and introductions to innovative chefs, while making a link between consumers and the trade.

Robert Kaufelt, owner of Murray's Cheese in New York City, credits Ms. Isidori with introducing him not only to quality Italian cheeses, but also to the regions, the producers and the history of the artisanal products.

In June of 2010, Gisella received the Distinguished Service Award for the Education and Promotion of Made in Italy products from the Italian Trade Commission.