Saluting All Things Ultra Lounge 'ITALIAN'

  • Wed
    Jun 13
    2:00 pm -
    3:00 pm

cinnecitaA superb collection bringing together tunes from 60's and 70's vintage and modern italian's cinematic shake, jazzy lounge, sitar-beat, hammond-a-go-go and flute loops. Includes a compilation of sexy tunes by various "mondo" movies.

The songs go from wild and jazzy numbers to cool and exotic including a great set of lush, wild, mysterious and fun big band jazz tunes from the soundtracks of various sex/striptease movies such as Tropico di Notte, Sexy ad Alta Tensione, Mondo Caldo di Notte and Sexy World.

How could anyone not check this out. Wed June 13, 2-3 PM.