Listening to the 'ITALIAN' Movies

  • Wed
    Jun 13
    2:00 pm -
    3:00 pm

EnnioBeing All Things Italian this weekend in Fairfield we Ninosalute two of Italy's GREATEST composers. Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone. Selections include from Rota's scores "Toby Dammit", the beautiful "Amarcord", "Juliet of the Spirits", the legendary "The Godfather" and Fellini's "81/2".
Morricone's scores include: the strong emotional core and melodic grace of "Cinema Paradiso"; Italian thrillers "Cat O' Nine Tails" and "Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion"; the brilliant western opera "Once Upon a Time in the West"; "Wolf"; "The Sicilien Clan" and the pulsing western "Two Mules for Sister Sara". Listen in on the brilliance of these composers Wed June 13 3-4 PM.