The BDS Movement, Food Advocate Jim Brown, State Sen. Rob Hogg, plus "Inside the Headlines" w/ Newsvandal JP Sottile

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    Jun 01
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    4:00 pm
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Sherry HuntHow did Sherry Hunt win $31 million from Citigroup? Well, she did it by whistling more than Dixie.

Tune in to find out at 4pm on PLANET ERSTWILD's weekly news & commentary segment "Inside the Headlines" with Newsvandal JP Sottile.

At 2pm, a discussion on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement as reported by Democracy Now's Amy Goodman who covers a vote by Park Slope, a Brooklyn-based food co-op deciding whether to embrace this approach. She interviews a Palestinian activist and a Jewish rabbi about the pros and cons. Then Norman Finkelstein challenges what he considers the hidden agenda undermining the BDS movement.

At 3pm, James Moore interviews local food advocate Jim Brown about food, food policy and how the invisible hand of Adam Smith is being tied in knots by a lack of free market competition.

4pm, it's "Inside the Headlines" with another plateful of informative news stories from around the globe served up by Emmy Award-winning journalist & filmmaker JP Sottile based in Oakland, California. Click on "Read more" below for a complete list of this week's headline stories.

1. Fear Factories
With Plan X, Pentagon seeks to spread U.S. military might to cyberspace
Selling Software That Kills
This Rock Could Spy on You for Decades
The US army is bringing in prototypes from the private sector, so that soldiers can give them a spin
Rebuild Your Local Economy With the Drone Industry
Where the Drones Are: Mapping the launch pads for Obama's secret wars
Food Fight: Contractor Accused of $750 Million Overcharge for Wartime Grub
Backlog of Unaudited Pentagon Contract Costs Could Reach $1 Trillion
If Violent Crime Rate is at 40-Year Low, Why is U.S. Spending S100 Billion a Year on Police?
2. All The News That Fits The Blueprint

Propaganda firm owner admits attacks on journalists
Into the Vault: Controversy Over Kill Team Filmmakers’ Access
White House leaks for propaganda film
Obama Administration Stonewalls Declassification of Secret Court Rulings
Wall Street Titans Outearned by Media Czars
AP wants to get prostitutes away from its DC bureau
3. It's Not Nice To Fool With Mother Nature
Ikea Cuts Down 400-Year-Old Trees to Make Furniture
Southern Great Plains could run out of groundwater in 30 years, study finds
The Frog of War: Atrazine makes male frogs grow ovaries. It's in your water supply.
Toxic Time Bombs: Chemicals Can Alter Development for Generations
Eating This Could Turn Your Gut into a Living Pesticide Factory
Chicken Eat Arsenic, You Eat Chicken: How to Stop Big Ag's Poisoned Poultry
Blame Canada: It Has Become a Petro-State, Happily Drilling for Profits as the World Warms
World Wildlife Fund Helps Industry More than Environment
How 'Nature-Deficit Disorder' Is Making Us Fat, Sick, and Depressed
Humans Are Not Like Slowly Boiling Frogs...We Are Like Slowly Boiling Brainless Frogs


Woman Who Couldn’t Be Intimidated by Citigroup Wins $31 Million


Mexican Cartel Declares War on Cheetos
Fake ADHD drug Adderall sold online, U.S. FDA warns
The Man Behind a Landmark Case: Finding a Life after 7 Years’ False Imprisonment at Guantánamo

Palestinians see 'sharp increase' in demolitions
Israelis attack African migrants during protest against refugees
Israeli MK: I didn't mean to shame Holocaust by calling African migrants a 'cancer'
German doctors apologize for Nazi-era crimes
Nothing to Smile About: The Shrinking World of Available Dental Care
Bill Clinton hosting $25,000-a-couple convention fundraiser
This Man Represents Everything Wrong in Washington: The brash hypocrisy of Lanny Davis
SEC Staff Ends Probe of Lehman Without Finding Fraud
China paying billions for oil deals in the Americas
Hedge funds find ways to trade euro misery
Occupy the Neolithic: Social Immobility in the Stone Age
17 funniest super PAC names
JP Sottile