- 20120525 - Writers' Voices - Sharelle Byars Moranville

The Hop


Cheryl Fusco Johnson hosts this weeks conversation with Sharelle Byars Moranville, an award-winning versatile author of fiction for all ages. Her most recent book "The Hop" tells the intertwined stories of a Tad, a small toad taking on the challenge of saving his home, and Taylor, a girl determined to stop her grandmother’s pond from being turned into a strip mall. Along the way their quests take delightful and exciting twists in this tale of friendship, family, and growing up. This book is being published by Disney/Hyperion.

Sharelle has written 5 books including "Over the River", "The Snows", and "A Higher Geometry." She has been a writing teacher at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival at the University of Iowa and other venues.