Pirate Satellite

  • Sat
    May 19
    9:00 am -
    9:00 am
  • Mon
    May 21
    4:00 am -
    4:00 am

Tango Chill Sessions cover Saturday morning is a new mix from Pirate Satellite. Hear cuts from Jerry Goldsmith's delightful soundtrack to Our Man Flint. Hear Shift, from their album Lost In a Moment; Tripssono and G-Spliff from Tango Chill Sessions; Sinewave from Unity Gain. Also Ror-Shak's invigorating cover of The Cure's A Forest, "You're in It now, with Pirate Satellite". Hear Michael Hedges haunting cover of Theme From Hatari, "Like another world, ya dig-dig-dig?" Max Sedgley w/Z-Star resonate summertime love with Slowly. Groove Armada remix Language Lab. Iceland's Emiliana Torrini sings eclectic vibes from Love In The Time Of Science; France's Thierry David outerspace/innerspace Galactic Bliss from his new release Stellar, and more. Live steam @kruufm.com. We'll post the playlist afterward.

"Electrical current, Hallowed be thy name" - Emiliana Torrini