- 20120516 - Great Taste - Grilling with Imagination

BBQ flameThe simplistic way to look at grilling is its no more than throwing a slab of meat on a grill that's powered by propane with a little help from heat-radiating artificial briquettes.  That's not the way we cook on Great Taste, though.  Of course, you know that. 

It's the week when Indian Hills Culinary culinary students corral Great Taste, and we are looking forward to a crasBBQ mealh course on outdoor grilling from Mr. Curtis "Q" Goudy.  If you are cruising by the KRUU studio Wednesday before our 7 pm CDT show, give him a shout out.  Curt will have a real grill fired up and smoking right on the driveway.  Beer can chicken and a little asparagus are going to provide the sustenance for an hour filled with suggestions and techniques to enhance your Memorial Day picnic and carry you right through the summer.  

We'll enjoy a riff on potato salad, and discuss other dishes and drinks to complement the smoky food from the fire.  As always, your presence is welcome whether in person or on the stream.  If you have any menu ideas or favorite recipes, tweet them over before, during, or after the show at #kruubbq.

Curt "Q" Goudy's Beer Can Marinade-Injected Chicken

1 Whole fryer
1 Can beer-your favorite
1 good charcol grill
Clean out the inner cavity of the chicken. Inject marinade.  See instructions and recipe below. 

Open beer can, and sip to ensure quality!  Place can in cleaned cavity of the chicken. If this is done properly, the legs of the chicken and the can will create a tripod for the chicken to stand on. Place the chicken with its beer can on the grill grate, and cook until the breast reaches 165 degrees.

Remove can, carve, and enjoy.
Marinade for the chicken-Inject 1/2 hour prior to putting the chicken on the grill
2 oz lemon juice
2 oz water
2 tsp black pepper
1 tsp garlic pressed
Place marinade in an injector (available at any grocery store) and inject breast and thighs liberally with marinade.

If you want to take the simple approach and grill a steak, check out this guide to help insure a successful outcome.